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“Our eldest son, Max, started swimming at 6 months of age. At 8 years old, he joined the Zoomers, which is a part of the OCY Tiger Shark Swim Team. We have seen his desire to improve and his self confidence grow with the guidance of his exceptional swim instructor, Dolores, and his swim coaches. Our youngest son, Ethan who is 5, just started swim lessons one year ago. The first lesson he did not want to go in the water. With patience from his instructor, Jamie, he not only felt comfortable in the water but now wants to follow in his brother’s footsteps and join the swim team!

During the summer, we enrolled the boys into summer camp at the Y. Max was able to show some leadership qualities by demonstrating to his peers how to do flip turns with the approval and guidance of his camp counselors. Ethan, who is a natural, learned how to open himself up and played with his fellow campers. The counselors helped him navigate through social interactions by teaching him through play. My husband and I also take up the Y’s challenge to stay fit by taking the boys when there aren’t any practices or lessons and either do some laps or utilize the gym. We really enjoy the YMCA and the staff!

Our names are Sandy, Carlton, Maximilian & Ethan Midili and that’s our Y story!”

Please take a moment and share with us your Y story. Share experiences and the benefit that class has had on your spirit, mind and body.

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